Top Somali Islamist flown to Mogadishu 'after split'

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A top Islamist in Somalia, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, has arrived in the capital Mogadishu amid reports of a split in the al-Shabab group.

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He was flown from the northern town of Adado, escorted by government security forces, but it is unclear whether he has surrendered or defected.

After more than 2 decades, U.S. recognizes Somalia

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By Tom Watkins, CNN

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(CNN) -- For the first time in more than two decades, the United States has granted official recognition to the Somali government in Mogadishu.

Refugees fear insecurity in Kenya, return to Somalia

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Newly arrived Somali refugees line up to wait for the reception center to open at Ifo settlement at Kenya's Dadaab Refugee Camp, situated northeast of the capital Nairobi near the Somali border, September 1, 2011.

by Gabe Josselow

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NAIROBI — Rising insecurity in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camps is prompting hundreds of refugees to return home to Somalia. Residents of the camps say gangs of bandits have made life too difficult for many of those who came to escape war and famine.

Letter from a Somali in Nairobi

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I haven't experienced any problems with security, but I guess it is because I have avoided the problem areas, i.e. Eastleigh or North Eastern. I have though noticed a rise in xenophobic behaviour toward Somalis, especially women dressed in habaya, from matatu touts and some members of the public in low income areas. There was an incident in Eastlands, where I personally saw a matatu decline to pick up a Somali woman, after the conductor told the driver to avoid "that Al Shabab".

Reverse brain drain: Heading home to Somalia

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British-Somali woman Ayan Hussein stands behind the counter at her newly opened Kulan Art Cafe in Hargeisa. (Tristan McConnell/GlobalPost)

British-Somali woman Ayan Hussein stands behind the counter at her newly opened Kulan Art Cafe in Hargeisa. (Tristan McConnell/GlobalPost)

“There has to be some point in your life when you go back to look after your relatives and contribute to your country."

Tristan McConnell - December 26, 2012 06:25

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HARGEISA, Somalia — The Kulan Art Café is a bright airy place with murals and framed paintings by local artists, potted plants, fresh coffee and ice cream, homemade cakes and a menu featuring Western staples like pizza and hamburgers.

Kenya: Inside the Suguta Valley of Death

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By Kurgat Marindany, 17 November 2012


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The year is 1995. As an investigative journalist, while I was working for a local daily in Nairobi, I traversed the North Eastern province and the hardship areas of Moyale, Baragoi and even into the dreaded Suguta Marmar valley known for its fiercest bandits.

Sudanese refugee camp horrific, says MSF

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Some 120,000 people have fled the conflict in Sudan's Blue Nile state

Mortality rates in a refugee camp in South Sudan are nearly double the threshold for an emergency, Medecins Sans Frontieres has warned.

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This means that about eight children are dying every day in the camp, which houses 40,000 people from the conflict in Sudan's Blue Nile state.

Kenyan Security Forces Face US Funding Ban

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VOA Voice of America
News / Africa
Alex Pena

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NAIROBI – Kenyan military and police are at risk of losing United States government funding. A bill in the U.S. Senate Foreign Appropriations Committee says Kenya's history of human rights abuse is alarming and must be addressed.

Kenya Shells Kismayo - Al Shabaab Cordons City

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Garowe Online

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Kismayo, Somalia — The Al Shabaab controlled port city of Kismayo, was shelled by helicopters on Thursday, as Kenyan troops backed by Somali forces attempt to capture the city, Garowe Online reports.

U.S. puts bounties on 7 key members of Somali terror group

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By the CNN Wire Staff

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(CNN) – The United States is offering millions of dollars for the whereabouts of seven key members of the al Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based terror group behind bombings and attacks in the region.