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Dear Comrade,

First of all, I want to thank you for a positive and constructive
exchange of ideas and discussion. Such is indispensible to the work
before us now. I find my work with you, and the others involved, to
have been both enlightening and encouraging.

I want to emphasize my sincere desire and intention of participating
in the plan you have presented at all possible levels. I shall be
submitting my maximum inputs wherever deemed most helpful. So, we are
not discussing whether or not I will be with the plan. I am with it.
But, I am trying to help you to improve it.

I fully accept that the major focus must be in London for the time
being. At the same time, I shall be seeking ways and means by which I
can link my efforts in Saint Louis to the work in London. (http://
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Yet, for cultural and psychological reasons, I am convinced that
domiciliation must be in Africa. All that really means is that the
entity needs to be registered in Africa. All of the major and central
work can be and should be done in London. That is not a problem. But,
we must be able to tell our subscribers (our shareholders) that the
company is based in Africa. In practical terms, this may mean simply
having a post office box in Cairo, or perhaps Inhassoro, Mozambique,
or some other place.

In fact, I already have a contact In Inhassoro who could help us along
this line. She is a white lady who does major business with businesses
who need a base of operations in Southern Africa. She knows I do not
have the kind of money that she deals in. But, it may be possible to
convince her to host a mail box for us with the view that she will get
some of our business in the future.

But, what I really prefer would be to have the Ujamma Project at Gweru
host a mail box for us. The finance people that I am talking to
requires us to have local registration before they will consider
loaning us any money. This is a necessity. We could simply register
the new entity in Gweru. All we would need is a post office box there
for the time being

The model that always comes to mind as we move towards realizing the
establishment of this new entity is the Marcus Garvey African
Community Leagues and the Black Star Line. Note that I have named my
company Black Star Management and Development. Garvey was elected
Provisional President of Africa. But, he was born in the Diaspora. So,
the Potentate of Africa had to be an African born African. This simply
shows African sovereignty; and it is anti-imperialist. All of the
major activity of UNIA-ACL was in the Diaspora as Africa was mostly
colonized at the time. But, the symbolic Head of State, the Potentate,
was always in Africa. It is similar to the parliamentary form of
government in which the Prime Minister runs the government; but, the
Head of State, the King or President, is the symbolic head. This has
immense psychological significance.

Having a registration and/or domiciliation in Africa does not require
that the primary work be performed in Africa. London is just fine.
But, we do not want to leave ourselves open to serving imperialist or
neo-colonial interests. Our job is to serve Africa and Africans. It is
best that we make this clear at the outset.

The imperialists always want to make us think that they are supreme
and that there is no hope without submitting to them in some way,
shape or form. Here in the USA, they make us think that New York is
the hub of all world activity. This may have been true at some point
in the ancient past. But, it is not true today. Ever hear of Tokyo?
What about Beijing? I have a contact in Tokyo whom I think can prove
to be of immense value to us as we move forward. But, I would never
propose domiciling in Japan or China or any other place other than

Yes. At one time, the sun never set on the British Empire. But, we in
America helped to fix that mess. Besides, what we are trying to do is
make Africa the hub of OUR development. The Africans in London can use
their location there to facilitate a lot of business. But, the company
needs to be an African company from day-one. This can be accomplished
simply by opening a post office mail box in Africa. Anywhere in

Understand that I am not opposed to having the necessary brokerage
licenses in London and/or other places. We need them there and in
various places around the world.

Another important point to keep in mind is this: in the pas,t Europe
was the center of African trade. This is why we ended up enslaved and
colonized, remember? But, I envision a future, not to mention the
present, in which the East will soon rapidly replace Europe as our
most important and major trading outlets. 25% of the world's
population in is China. The Chinese consume a tremendous amount of
rice which can be competitively grown in various parts of Africa. The
Indians are also major consumers of the world's food supply. There is
Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Altogether, 80-90% of the world
is not in Europe. To develop Africa, we must be able to sell food in

Believe it or not, but the west is no longer the center of the world.
This is why the USA must borrow money from the East to finance its
wars in Irag and Afghanistan. In fact, the war is motivated by the
fear of the rise of Asia. We in Africa must learn to accept the new
reality. If we do not, the West will out-maneuver us in doing business
in the East. Let there be no mistake about it: the West is desperate
to sell its food in Asia. Africans need to get in now before it is too
late. It will be much harder to penetrate the Asian markets if the
west gets there first. We need to establish business relationships
there now! Thus, an office on the East coast of Africa can prove very
efficient and effective for us.

I agree with your point that the West can offer a certain illusion
simply by say that it was produced in London. But, in the USA,
virtually everything that we consume is produced in Asia. When we go
to buy a car, we know that a Japanese-brand will be of a much higher
quality at a lower cost than a European or American brand. What I
envision is the day soon when an African machine is be preferred in
places like Brazil which is the world's leader in ethanol production
technology. As soon as we can get a business structure in place, it
will be an easy matter to import an automobile manufacturing
capability to Africa. Plus, we can sub-contract to produce parts to
the manufacturers in Asia. At a minimum, we absolutely must produce
All of the farm equipment needed in Africa in Africa. Sudan has some
manufacturing capacity. Maybe we can develop that into something to
produce military hardware.

Did you see what Bush did? He sold Saudi Arabia $20 billion worth of
military hardware!!!!!!! Can you believe it? After nearly 50 years of
being the world's leading oil-producer, Saudi Arabia still cannot even
manufacture a tank!!!!!!!!! Something is wrong with this
picture!!!!!!!! Boy! We sure could use that $20 billion to build a few
things and such in Zimbabwe!

Finally, I want to re-assure you that we are with you no matter what.
But at a minimum, I hope that you at least consider naming the entity
the African Development Group.

Hope to hear from you soon.