Name and logo of this web site

Wed, 2008-01-02 15:32 by admin · Forum/category:

What would be the best name for this web site? We should not change it too often, because that upsets the web site statistics, but we could change it now. Proposals:

  1. Somali (leave it as it is)
  2. SoLite
  3. The Somali
  4. Somali Network (But a SomaliNet already exists.)
  5. Somali Connection
  6. Somali LinkCafé
  7. Somali Information Interchange (a bit too long for my taste)
  8. Greater Somalia

Any more ideas? Add a comment!

The logo, the one with the two flags top left, is a 64 pixel high image. If anybody feels like making a better one, please go ahead. GIF, PNG, or JPG work. PNG and GIF can have transparent parts, through which the blue gradient background becomes visible, like currently in the left half of our current logo around the white star.

The height of the logo doesn't have to be exactly 64 pixels. Smaller may be better, because that would reduce the space taken by the header.